Sekhol Finder  2.0

Download 30-day free trial:

      SekholFinder.msi     (Version: 2.0.1420   Size: 1,271,296 bytes   Date: February 2004)

If you have slow Internet connection and are experiencing problems downloading from the link above, please try to use instead the following link:

NOTE: Requires Windows Installer 2.0 that may not be present in older Windows 2000 releases.
It can be installed from the Microsoft site: Windows Installer 2.0 for Windows NT/2000.
The Windows installer 2.0 also goes with the Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 : SP3.

Limitations of the demo version:

Search Engines Database updates:

The current version of the product contains an automatic online update feature and the downloadable database updates are not longer available.

The older product versions with downloadable database can be upgraded to the current version for free. Read please Registration Instructions how this can be done.